An expensive and well-maintained staircase in your house enhances the look of your home decor. Without maintenance and cleaning, this important structure may experience regular wear and tear side effects. Get in touch with a trustworthy professional house cleaning in Toowoomba for a routine or annual cleaning to make sure that your staircase is healthy and beautiful. For some general cleaning and maintenance tips, keep reading through the blog.

Begin From The Top And Move Down

It may seem difficult to carry all your cleaning stuff all the way upward; however, it will save you a ton of energy in the long run. When you start from the top, the dirt and mess have fewer chances to go up and make your freshly cleaned step look dirty once again. Though cleaning the staircases from top to bottom helps to get a sparkling clean step at a single clean and does not make things messy.

Make Use Of The Broom At The Top And Vacuum At The Bottom

Vacuum cleaners are heavy and inconvenient to be carried upstairs. Hence the easiest way to clean the steps is to use a broom to remove all the dust and debris from the top and bring it to the bottom. Now you can use a vacuum to clean up the debris. The vacuum cleaner is also helpful in removing the cobwebs from the staircases. Use a hand brush or just a dry, clean and soft cloth to clean up the dust around the railings to complete cleaning all the parts. You can also hire professional house cleaning in Toowoomba to ensure in-depth staircase cleaning.

Wipe It Damp And Dry

After cleaning the dirt and debris that were easy to remove, it is time to address the deep-rooted dirt on the staircases. Heavy foot traffic on the staircases piles up dirt and grime that are quite difficult to remove. You can try to wipe the staircases using a damp cloth or sponge. You need to address each step to remove the deep-rooted dirt effectively. In the next step, dry your steps using a dry towel to prevent wood rot or mould growth on your expensive staircase. Wet steps can be a reason to slip and fall, so it is best to get the staircases dried up. In case you lack time to carry out this long process, get in touch with Toowoomba Cleaning Services.

Railing and baluster are a must clean

The staircases’ railings and balusters collect as much dust and dirt as your steps do. Keep a cleaning routine for your railings and baluster once in fifteen days to let them keep sparkling clean always. Wipe them wet and then dry them to prevent rotting and mould growth.

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Check For Damages

Prolonged usage of a staircase makes it dirty and brings it to wear and tear. Check for damages and possible wear and tear on the structure. If you notice one, get it fixed at once. Repairing the damages in time will prevent a long-term issue in your staircases and help the staircases to be in form and shape for years. Also, a staircase without damage will save you and your family members from trips and falls.

Staircases are functional and versatile structures in your hallways. Keep it clean by hiring a professional cleaning company like Bens Cleaning. The experts here clean all kinds of staircases and assist you in keeping the structure well-maintained. It is the most preferred choice for house cleaning in Toowoomba, and you must go for it.

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