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Windows really are multifunctional features of our homes and businesses. Apart from being the key to enjoying a beautiful view, they allow natural light and breezes in and assist with security and surveillance. But if they are dirty, or the tracks are dirty, some of these benefits are lost or diminished.

Kitchen windows are prime targets for grease and grime that steams and splashes up from the daily activities of cooking and washing up. In other areas of the home, a combination of dust, dirt, fabric fibres, smoke and steam build up over time and cause windows to lose their sparkle. Window tracks can quickly become clogged and caked with dirt, debris and insect remains.


The expert team at Ben’s Cleaning know just what it takes to get your windows back on track (yes, pun intended). Not only will we clean the interior glass surface of your windows, we will look after the often-neglected tracks, frames and windowsills, leaving your windows spic and span and useful once more.

Often it is the external surface of windows that bear the brunt of grime and contaminants, which can include dust, mould, smoke, traffic grime and pollen. This can go unnoticed for some time until a shower of rain may highlight the issue. No problem! Ben’s Cleaning can assist with cleaning the exterior surfaces of your windows too!

Business and commercial premises catered for

And this is not limited to residential properties as we will happily provide a window cleaning service for your business or commercial premises. Many businesses have floor-to-ceiling glass windows that certainly attract attention and catch the eye of those inside and outside the building. We can help you ensure they are attracting attention for all the right reasons. It is not likely to be feasible for you or your employees to be attempting the cleaning of windows, given the time needed and the hazards involved in reaching beyond shoulder height so why not leave this difficult task to the professionals at Ben’s Cleaning? We will come ready with the equipment and products needed to bring the sparkle back to your show-case windows.

Get in touch today and we will set you on the path to pristine clean windows you will enjoy using, for a reasonable price and no fuss. A friendly member of the Ben’s Cleaning team is ready to assist you with your enquiry.

We offer window cleaning service to all residential and commercial properties, and our service includes:

  • Clean internal window surfaces
  • Clean window frames
  • Clean window sills/ledges
  • Clean window tracks

Clean external windows (optional, extra charge applies)

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